Christmas Stocking Traditions

A Christmas article By Roger Thompson

A Christmas stocking is an empty sock or sock-shaped bag that children hang on Christmas Eve so that Santa Claus can fill it with small toys, candy, fruit, coins, or other small gifts when he arrives. These small items are often referred to as stocking stuffers or stocking fillers.

In some Christmas stories, the contents of the Christmas stocking are the only toys the child receives at Christmas from Santa Claus. Other presents are wrapped up in wrapping paper and placed under the Christmas tree. Tradition in western culture dictates that a child who behaves badly during the year will receive only a piece of coal.

By tradition, the stocking is hung on the fireplace mantel, but, since many contemporary homes do not have fireplaces, stockings may be hung in almost any location. The tradition began in Germany. Originally, children simply used one of their everyday socks, but eventually special stockings were created for this purpose. Today, stores carry a tremendous variety of styles and sizes of Christmas stockings.

Children love the passion of Christmas. While many children are aware of their family's personal religious feelings regarding the holiday, the religious concepts are often too difficult to understand for my young children. As a holiday symbol, it is Santa and his sleigh full of toys that brings universal joy to nearly every child worldwide. The Christmas holiday is a wonderful childhood memory of love, family and presents.

To many, the Christmas stockings hold the most exciting of surprises, filled with toys and treats, this tiny holiday package encapsulates all that is fun in the Christmas holiday. Christmas stockings can be purchased in a store or on the internet, made at home or in some homes; the children use their own socks.

For many, the idea of using their own sock is a way to get more toys. Some children will search drawers to find soccer or other sports socks so that they can get the greatest stretch and length for Santa to fill with treats. The store bought variety offer many different sizes but lack the stretch to accommodate a lot of treats. The sock can be filled but only within its size limits, so many children prefer to discover a specialty sock in their own home.

Another alternative when planning for Christmas stockings is to make your own for yourself or your children. The creation of a personalized stocking is always a great deal of fun. Stockings can be made out of any type of fabric or can be embellished with felt shapes, sequins and glitter. Creating a personalized Christmas stocking is a great way to decorate for the holidays and assist Santa in sorting out whose stocking belongs to whom on Christmas Eve.

However, keep in mind that the size of stocking is often an indicator of how many toys a child will receive on Christmas morning so be sure to make your Christmas stocking extra big. As you plan to create your Christmas stockings, whether for you or as gifts for family and friends, try to create a theme around the exterior of the stocking itself. Many people cut felt images out and decorate the exterior face of the stocking with different hobbies, dreams or favorite items of the intended recipient. Creating homemade Christmas stockings is a great way to recognize and celebrate each individual within your home and it creates a fun memory of childhood.

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